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Providing customers with wood flooring samples is one of the most important aspects of the customer service that we provide. We at Rafe Olsen feel that accurate sampling is the most critical part of ensuring that the experience you have with us ends in a stunning floor that you are 100% happy with. We can show you colour corrected images on a screen but until you see the floor with your own eyes and feel it in your hands, it is impossible to get the feel for our product. Providing you with samples also gives us the opportunity to wow you with the Rafe Olsen experience. To us, it’s not just about receiving a piece of wood in the post.

Why do we charge for our samples? The answer is simple really; nobody else produces samples like we do. We don’t have a rack full of pre-prepared little pieces of timber to send out. All of our samples are made up to the specification you order. We take an unfinished piece of the flooring you have selected and apply the same process to it we would have if you’d ordered the actual flooring itself. This is the only way to get a sample that will be as close as possible to the flooring you may receive. Rafe Olsen also send oversized sample pieces. A full width piece of board, a minimum of 30cm long, allows for a far better visual indicator of how the floor could look. Add in to this the fact we will refund the initial cost of the sample if you order the flooring from us. If you are serious about buying a floor from us, your samples will not cost you a penny.

We will aim to deliver all samples within 7 days. Please note, as mentioned, all samples are produced on a bespoke basis so please bear with us whilst we produce a thing of beauty for your perusal!

ready to order your dream floor?

We’d love buying a floor from Rafe Olsen to be an experience you never forget. At the same time, we do not want the process to be long winded or time consuming! Orders can be placed through our online store or over the phone in a matter of minutes. We would always recommend ordering a samples before completing the purchase, but that is only a necessity if it’s a fully bespoke floor you would like.

Once you have settled on the items you wish to order, place them in your online basket and then payment can be made through PayPal on the Rafe Olsen website or if you feel more comfortable talking to someone, we can process payments over the telephone.

To make ordering even easier, you will receive a unique code with any sample you order. This unique identifier can be entered in to the website to bring up the details of the flooring. From there it is just a case of completing your order through the checkout pages


either online, over the phone or in person

Buying a new floor is a serious investment, both in time and money. Whichever method suits you best, is fine by us!

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